Friday, 15 June 2012

She Did It!

(Yet Another Update: The final donations were accepted last Friday and the totals are in.... Liz's hair cut raised $3592 for the Canadian Cancer Society, which is nearly $300 more than her previous total for 2007, and nearly $2600 higher than her goal donation! Please stay tuned for a thank you video from Sabrina, to be posted on Wednesday!)

(Update: Liz's total dollars raised for the Cancer Society were $1713 as of about 9 last night. As of just now when we happened to check the website:, the total his risen to $3069 in online donations and $419 in cash/cheques (including $6 from her big brother!). With a running total of $3488, your donations to the Canadian Cancer Society have now exceeded those from her last fundraiser in 2007 ($3298), and have destroyed her goal donation of $1000. I am proud and humbled to know all of you. On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, thank you so much for your support!)

This one is all about Liz.

She done good.

She just cut off 12 inches of her hair to donate to a company that makes wigs for kids and adults who are suffering from hair loss (*Pantene Beautiful Lengths- see the bottom of this post for donation info and instructions) and raised $1713 (and counting) for the Canadian Cancer Society in the process.

Sometimes I take her a little bit for granted, and I forget how insanely great she (and ALL my kids) really are.

She started joking about how short it was when the lady cut off all the pigtails (to preserve as much of her length as possible).

Then she sounded a little nervous as the remaining hair got shorter and shorter and shorter.

And finally, even with a gaggle of other teenagers looking on, she couldn't hold it in any more and covered her face and cried her gorgeous eyes out.

Up till that point, we thought she was being kind of goofy and facetious- maybe putting on a little show for her friends.

And it hit me.

Holy shit.

When you're a 15 year old girl, your hair is what you hide behind.

It hides your face on a bad acne day.

It hides your blush when the hot guy speaks to you.

It hides your embarrassment when your mom does something stupid.

And it was gone.

She wasn't joking. Up till that moment we hadn't realized what a sacrifice our brave, beautiful daughter was making.

And we are so proud of her. We are proudest of the moment when she cried.
Because that's when we knew how hard this was for her.

So wear your rockabilly 'do, Liz, and wear it hard.

Because you are more beautiful today with your few inches of spiky goodness than you have ever been.

Way to go, my girl. You rule!

*Pantene Beautiful Lengths
c/o Archway Marketing Services
P. O.Box 434
2110 Kipling Avenue
Etobicoke Station B, ON M9W 5L4
Minimum requirements: length – 8 inches. Visit for hair guidelines and cutting instructions
Please send by Canada Post only

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