Monday, 15 August 2011

Why This Seems Like a Good Idea....

I love to make people laugh. Even at the expense of my dignity, my children's self confidence, or my husband's sanity, I will repeat hideous things to get a giggle out of a total stranger. I really truly believe that when you screw up or your kids do something that will cause them embarassment later in life, you should HANG ONTO THOSE MEMORIES! One day, you will repeat them and make someone chuckle. (Usually, however, not the person involved in the actual memory. They mostly just cringe.) This makes all the aggravation worth it.

For years, people have been telling me I should write a book (this is their way of saying they are sick to death of my stories, and if I don't find a new audience, I will have to find new friends). The idea of a book scares me for several reasons, but mostly because I am lazy. If I can procrastinate, postpone, or simply not do something, I will avoid it like I owe it money. Somehow, piles of typed, unpublished manuscript taking over my dining room doesn't seem like something I can ignore for any extended period of time. (Yes, I realize that the actual manuscript would be stored on my hard drive, but this makes for a better image. Don't question it.) A blog, however, is something I can post to whenever I feel like it, ignore when I want to, and, if all else fails, I have found a handy 'Delete Blog' button I can resort to if need be.

One day, it is my hope that I will have enough blog entries to be able to gather them all together and turn them into a book. Even if it is one of those vanity press books (you know- where YOU pay THEM to publish it), at least my children will know I haven't scarred them for absolutely no good reason, and I will be able to keep my friends.

Let the shame begin.

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